Thursday, September 06, 2007

MSers Being Social

Here is another health site, but this one has a different perspective. Patients Like Me promises to be just what its name suggests -- patients helping patients improve their quality of life. This is a social network for MSers.

My favorite upright Garry found the sight, joined as a caregiver, then sent an invitation to me. The sight uses social networking among members who are chronically ill, caregivers, guests and support staff. The illnesses covered are Parkinson's,
HIV/AIDS, ALS and, of course, Multiple Sclerosis -- so far.

When registering, new members complete a profile beginning with your purpose for joining -- are you a patient? What condition? There are more than 1100 MSers. WOW.

You can enter as much or as little as you wish, but the more details entered, the more benefit. In addition to a biographical summary, you can enter symptoms, treatments, weight changes and disease progress. Based on your entry, your MSRS (Multiple Sclerosis Rating Scale) is calculated. There is a list of symptoms and treatments to select, but new ones can be added so your profile can be complete.

A printable Doctor Visit Sheet is available to ensure the doctor and patient are on the same page, or the page can be corrected. When your condition changes, the profile can be updated. This is a good record of your MS progress.

You can immediately connect with others who are patients like you.

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Bubbie said...

Great link! Thanks!

Sharon said...

This is a great site. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for blogging about this site. I just signed up on it and wow-- profile info is so detailed. I am going to mention it in my blog. Every MSer should go to this site, sign up, and join chat sessions. Thanks again, Anne

Vicki said...

And here's the thing -- this site has been around for a couple of years. How did we not find it before?

Anonymous said...

decided to help and sent out a post in the social services. bookmarks. I hope to rise in popularity.