Friday, July 20, 2007

The International Federation

Today I am thinking about the MS International Federation (MSIF). Of course we get regular notification of research around the world, but sometimes it's a good idea to visit the old faithful source of information, the MSIF web site.

There is basic information about the disease for the 2,500,000 people affected, particular symptoms and treatments, research and news from around the world. There are links to the MS societies in particular countries, so everyone can find help nearby.

There are stories of MSers and caregivers. The featured MSer for July is Dr. Hitaishi Weekrakoon from Sri Lanka.
The 2007 MSer is Ann Langley of Australia, and the 2007 caregiver is Susana Carballido Perdogon of Uruguay. But here's a delightful touch -- you can read diary entries from more than two thousand individual MSers, and you can even find diary contributors from your country or with similar symptoms and choose to correspond through email. In order to search through the diarists, you have to register.

Publications are available for download, including a comprehensive treatment guide. The current issue of MS Focus covers pain, but there are back issues available on other topics.

And because this is a truly international site, readers can change the text language into a choice of nine languages.

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Merelyme said...

oh i am so happy to have found your blog! i have come from shirl's place. i have been looking for fellow bloggers who have MS. i will be sure to add you to my links!