Monday, June 18, 2007

My Compassionate Caregiver

My caregiver is untrained, but he does a nice job. He did not get formal training because, like so many others, he did not plan to be a caregiver by profession. It was by circumstance my MS progression has rendered me disabled and therefore dependent. It is by the greatest luck that Garry chooses to care for me. He is in on-the-job training.

He has written a thoughtful piece including ten CNA tips for Compassionate Caregiving. He is a compassionate caregiver and I am lucky he chooses to train on the job with me.

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Anonymous said...

My goodness, Garry is a busy blogger. The 10 CNA tips are excellent - and humble.

Rodrigo said...

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Vicki said...

Yes Garry is a busy blogger. He got me started with this, but I cannot handle as many as he does.

The CNA tips are good. They were written for nursing homes, but apply to many of us. We could probably each elaborate or add a couple, but I think this is a good basic list.