Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gateway To Information

The MS-Gateway is a site sponsored by Betaseron. Whether you are a Betaseron user or not, the site has helpful information and a forum. Forums are categorized by Symptom, Treatment, General, and Nutrition, so you can easily find a comment that interests you.

Like many social networks, you can see which registered members are online at the same time you are. Unlike many social networks, you can enjoy the site without registering.

Now, here's my favorite section:
Have you ever tried to describe your symptoms to a non-MSer? Look in the Understanding MS section under MS Simulator. Optic neuritis not only gives a nice explanation, it presents it in a totally understandable format.

Now, complete the form under incoordination. It made me smile, but it enlightened my friend with real understanding. Give it a try!

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