Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tomorrow's Going To Be a Better Day

Gayle Lewis, an MSer from Spring Hill, Florida, is a Brighter Tomorrow Grant recipient. She created glass crystal and sterling bracelets that reflect multiple colors representing the MS symptoms. Each handmade bracelet is a symbol of hope.

Jennifer Bonini of Tinley Park, Illinois, an MSer since 2004 created and now sells magnets to increase MS awareness. Magnets cost just $6.00 and are suitable for refrigerator or car or any magnetic surface. She also offers holiday cards with the MS Foundation mission printed on the back.

A portion of every sale goes to the MS Foundation Brighter Tomorrow Grant fund.

The Brighter Tomorrow Grant fund improves MSers' quality of life with goods or services to enhance self-sufficiency and well-being. The grant is a wish-based program not based solely on finances. Applicants do supply basic financial information along with a brief essay telling how the grant could provide a brighter tomorrow.

Apply by October 1st.

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