Saturday, August 26, 2006

MSers can be sexy, too

Do you want to raise funds but don’t know how? Here is a lady who raises donations at no cost to herself. Besides the money she shows people that MS has not robbed her of her sexuality. What began as a bar bet has turned into a successful ongoing fundraiser for the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre by simply showing pictures of her boobs.

In addition to her photos, Vix links to some pretty good MS sites including personal sites with stories and a few other sites that use breast pictures to raise money for their causes.

It must be worth it -- she has raised over $10,000 since 2004. Read the comments for viewers takes on the site. They demonstrate an appreciation of her effort as well as an appreciation of her body. The donation page recognizes those who have given.

Thank you Vix for an innovative idea to support your favorite MS organization.

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