Saturday, June 17, 2006

Surfing for MS

Just because I have MS doesn’t mean I can’t surf. My surfing is limited to the Internet, but it is informative and fun. Here are three MS sites I would like to share.

The MS-Tai Chi experience is explored in a blog that reaches out to MSers who practice tai chi.
Joel Gottlieb has been studying tai chi for thirteen years and uses it to manage his own MS. It is more than a personal journal. Take a look.

This is MS offers so much information you will want to visit more than once.

The Top Page has lists and links to articles on various topics categorized by the most read, best rated, most commented and more. These lists might help you decide what to read first.

The Survey page has past surveys and articles with the surveys. While you are visiting, take a survey and compare your answer to many others who took the same survey. There are several surveys that give insight into the MS community.

If you register (for free) you will receive emails when the site is updated.

James S.Huggins' Refrigerator Door is as advertised. Like many people's, this refrigerator door is decorated with snippets giving insight to James' life and interests as a writer and speaker. The site is not exclusively dedicated to MS, but there is a wealth of MS information.

James has many links, including his reason for this MS section of his site. In addition to medical, general information, and research links, it includes some personal stories, book reviews and recommendations.

But don’t stop here. Continue to look around the site. He has a page of Hugginisms, quotes he created or likes enough to repeat often; a tribute to the U-2 spy plane; a nice selection of humor, quotes and motivating vignettes; and more . . and even more.

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