Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quality of Life for Children

Here is my contribution last week about Pediatric MS in Children with MS are subject to a Quality of Life that plummets.

This is a section of Health Central.

Pediatric MS: Quality of Life?

Young people with multiple sclerosis still make up a small minority of those with the disease, and it has been only recently that Pediatric MS has even been recognized. Just as with MS when it was first recognized, diagnostic criteria were unclear and treatments were on a trial-and-error basis. There was not a great deal of awareness of ... Read more


Michael Bullis said...

I'm the Executive Direcgtor of the IMAGE Center for people with Disabilities in Baltimore Maryland. We're collecting information from people with disabilities, like ourselves, who have techniques they use to help people become comfortable with their disabilities.

I'm hoping that you might help us by telling us your techniques and by spreading the word about this project.
It's possible that some ice-breaker you use will be of value to someone else, or, it's possible that what they do could be of use to you.
Just let us know. Some people raise questions about whether some technique or other is "apropriate." That is, something like using self depricating humor. We understand there is controversy about some of these things but would prefer that everyone forget about that for a moment and just send along their methods of helping people become comfortable with disability.
We'll collect everything and send it back out to the disability community. Our final goal is to develop this body of knowledge and use it with our students to help them master a series of techniques they are comfortable with when dealing with family members, friends or associates, and employers.
People can respond in one of two ways. Either send the information to me, Michael Bullis, or comment on our wall on our facebook page at
The Image Center for People with Disabilities.
If you'd like to send videos, that's fine as well.
Thanks to everyone for your help.
Michael Bullis
The IMAGE Center,
Towson Maryland

Diane J Standiford said...

I wonder if new DX techniques are adding to the increase in DX. I hate to see children with disease. Funny, I just wrote a post about MS and kids, different route, but I love kids.

CSA said...

This is really great information, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences! I was diagnosed with MS in September 2010 and recently started blogging about it at

Please check it out - I'd love your input!