Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pediatric MS - MS-like Symptoms

Here is my contribution to the articles written last week about Pediatric MS in Children and young adults may exhibit MS-like symptoms that may never develop into MS.

This is a section of Health Central.

Pediatric MS: Is it MS?

When a child exhibits MS-like symptoms, it probably means he or she has a problem with myelin. Whether the diagnosis turns out to be MS or not depends on the condition and the lesions. Kids Get MS, Too, by Jayne Ness MD-PhD FAAP, FAAN, tells the story of children 18 and under who have demyelinating conditions. It was published by the ... Read moreChevron

Pediatric MS Centers of Excellence - Read moreChevron

Pediatric MS: Resources for Kids, Teens, and Parents - Read moreChevron

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