Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Miss My Mother

About 15 years ago, my mother suggested she and I take a cruise ship to the Bahamas. It sounded like fun and I agreed. My MS put me in a wheelchair, but she could push me, so off we went. The weather was rough, and once on the ship, the choppy waters exaggerated the ship's rocking back and forth. Many of the passengers were feeling sick, my mother among the worse. She spent much of her time curled up on the floor under a spiral staircase. We were having the cruise of a lifetime!

Mother felt so badly because she intended to help me on our vacation. Instead, she was the one who needed help. I was just fine -- the waves did not affect me, perhaps because I was in the wheelchair.

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1 comment:

Merelyme said...

Oh my...I am in tears now. I need to see my mother. I haven't seen her in a couple of years. She lives in another state. But this is no excuse.

What a beautiful image of you and your mom. I am sure you miss her very much.