Wednesday, May 07, 2008

MSers at Risk

We have known for some time that MS and osteoporosis have a relationship. I have written about it before, and now I have found even more information.

A Health Care Industry article emphasizes it is common for MSers to have low bone mass density. Limited physical activity and steroids, frequently associated with MS, aggravate the risk.

Doctors Bowling and House wrote an
article on Disaboom of hidden conditions such as osteoporosis when coupled with MS. The problem is not only that MSers are vulnerable, but that health care professionals often overlook it.

These are good reading. The articles remind us it is vital to be aware of the possibility of osteoporosis with MS, regardless of age or gender. Don't just wonder if you need a bone density test, ask your doctor. It is important!

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Czes Kulvis said...

Hello Vicki,

Do you trust doctors?

I don't.

I was diagnosed with MS in 1996 and put on medications. It worsened my overall situation significantly, so I stopped using any drugs.

At the same time I started my own research and discovered some amazing things. Regretfully, no doctor will tell you about that.

I am on a permanent MS remission from 1997, travelling Natural way (no drugs).

I describe my discoveries on pages of my web site MS natural cures.

BTW, obviously somebody can get any other (mainly lifestyle related) chronic disease after being diagnosed with MS. Why doctors must speak about that?

All best -

Dr. Czes Kulvis