Saturday, December 15, 2007

Active with MS?

If you are an active MSer, or want to be, here is a site you should see -

Active MSers is a site designed to help MSers keep active physically, intellectually, and socially. It has outdoor gear reviews and travel tips, and the plan is to develop a network of sports and activity clubs across the country.

Dave Bexfield, an avid traveler and freelance writer, created the site soon after being diagnosed with MS and deciding to remain as active as he was before. Page down and read the link blurbs. There's even one telling how the war benefits MSers!

If you are a snowboarder, a horse rider, a trekker or hiker, or if you travel the world, take a look. If you would like to do these things - or if you have another active hobby - you might enjoy taking a look, too. Perhaps you'll even decide to join the Active MSers network.

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Merelyme said...

wow...that sure is a nice site. i am gonna put that link on my blog right now.

Jim's Political Thoughts said...

My wife mentioned to me about joining this awhile back. I think I already signed up but as of today, I don't remember if I did. I will look into this.

Thanks for reminding me.

Jim's Political Thoughts said...
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