Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Health Talk and Post Cards

Health Talk is a site developed by cancer survivor Andrew Schorr to provide a source of information for people with chronic conditions. There is a link to Health Talk Radio and a weekly schedule of health topics. The real heart of this site is a collection of blogs, including Andrew's blog.

Most of the blogs are categorized by chronic condition and written by people like you and me who are intimately involved day to day. In addition, there are reference sources.

And this is great --
Postcards drawn by MSers about MS. They are colorful and clever, cute and poignant, interesting. You can make comments on the cards, or you can submit your own!

Listen to the audio files where MSers tell their stories. Again, you can comment on the stories, or you can submit your own.

And, of course, HeathTalk is the host of Trevis Gleason's blog Life with MS. He writes frequently and has many, many comments with personal stories.


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