Sunday, October 15, 2006

MS and Breast Cancer

This is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I wrote a post on Vicki's Blog saying early detection saves lives and a cure will be found through research. MSers understand these premises. Early treatment has significant results and research will find a cause, better treatment, and, yes, ultimately a cure. Add a pink ribbon next to your prism ribbon of hope.

MS is a devastating chronic disease, but it is not a guarantee against cancer. Do the right thing and get a mammogram. But prepare yourself and realize that as in everyday life, MS adds an extra challenge.

If you are in a chair the mammography equipment can be adjusted for height, but the chair, especially if it is a scooter, adds awkwardness to an already awkward position. Balance problems may result in the need for repeated attempts before a good image is captured. Now, the other breast! Repeat height adjustment, awkward positioning, be still for the imaging.

A mammogram may be inconvenient and not much fun, but it is important. Get one.

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