Thursday, October 12, 2006

Let's Plan a Dinner

MSIF invites us to host an MS Global Dinner Party on (or around) Saturday, February 24, 2007.

This dinner party is to help promote awareness and support the work of MS societies around the globe. You choose the type of event you want to host -- what about a barbecue, a picnic, a games evening, or an intimate family dinner. Your national MS society may already be involved.

Read about previous global dinner parties. There are pictures and stories about events around the world, including Kenya, Australia, and Switzerland. This year, Canada hosted the most different parties.

For more information about being involved in an official MS Global Dinner Party, click here.

Be a host and join the global MS movement, then send your story and pictures. There is plenty of time -- start to plan for dinner in February 2007.

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