Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Protect the MS Centers of Excellence

The National MS Society sent out a message asking us to call our senators for support of a bill to protect the MS Center of Excellence.

Here is a copy of the message:

Protect the MS Centers of Excellence

The Veterans Affairs – Multiple Sclerosis Centers of Excellence (MSCoE) have made significant contributions in the fight against MS. Since 2003, the MSCoE have provided leadersip in research, education and clinical care that benefit all Americans impacted by MS.

The MSCoE, established by the VA, are located in Baltimore (East), and Seattle/Portland (West). The benefit of the MSCoE reaches throughout the country by providing service to 38 VA clinics in the United States.

Unfortunately, the existence of the MSCoEs is in jeopardy because of competing demands for funding within the VA.

S. 1537, introduced by Sen. Akaka, would help protect the MSCoE by formally establishing the Centers through Congressional action. The bill has been introduced in the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee and is expected to be considered by the full Senate as early as June.

The MSCoE support a range of programs including . . .

  • Basic research into the causes of MS
  • Clinical research into the treatment of MS
  • Behavioral research about effective education strategies for MS patients and providers
  • Population level research into the needs of MS patients and the effectiveness of the care delivery system
  • Development of a national educational program which has significantly enhanced education related to MS patients who are veterans, caregivers and providers
  • Development of a national program to enhance the clinical care of veterans with MS by providing improved access to subspecialty care

The support of regional MS clinics that direct the care for nearly one-third of veterans systems users with MS

Contact your senators and ask them to co-sponsor S. 1537 and protect the MSCoE and the work they do to help end the devastating effects of MS.


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