Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Reading for MSers and Wheelers

Not everyone with MS uses a wheelchair, and not every wheelchair sitter is an MSer. Here’s a magazine for everyone -- New Mobility. The readership is wheelchair users, and there is a special department called “MS Life.”

It is New Mobility’s mission to improve the quality of life of wheelchair users. They help readers make informed decisions and focus on living life fully. The goal is to “create infinite options for a life on wheels.”

A subscription in the United States costs around $30, more for Canadian and international addresses.

If you want to know more before subscribing, check out the web site. The site has links to the community and to companies that serve wheelers, experts online willing and able to answer questions, and classified ads, both personal and product-related. Enter "sample issue" in the search field for a list of printable articles. The home page summarizes stories and articles.

One story tells about Tatyana McFadden, a high school sophomore with spina bifida who wants to be allowed to wheel at track meets alongside non-disabled classmates. She is not asking for special favors, but wants to participate with her friends. She does not want to be isolated by her disability.

MSers of all ages, in or not in chairs, can learn from Tatyana. Disabled and non-disabled can be inspired by her spirit.

New Mobility looks like a good magazine.

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