Saturday, April 22, 2006

New Research News

New research results include two studies I found particularly interesting. The first is a re-evaluation of diagnostic procedures and criteria, and the second addresses the fact that MS is often accompanied by depression.

Diagnosis Study

An MRI alone is not sufficient for a positive MS diagnosis. The article was written based on comparing 29 studies that evaluated the accuracy of MRI as a diagnostic tool. Two of the studies followed patients for more than 10 years comparing the estimate to the actual symptoms. And absence of lesions does not guarantee that MS will not develop.

A positive diagnosis is made only after two attacks at diifferent times affect different parts of the nervous system.

Depression and MS
A three-year study concerning depression reached conclusions that are not too surprising.
Symptoms of depression vary over time in direct relation to the MSer’s use of active coping. It also found Interferon bet increased risk of depressed moods.

For more research news, check out the MS International Federation.

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