Monday, December 28, 2009

Oral Medication

Okay, pills for MS are not yet available, but they are coming soon. Soon is a word we hear about medical trials quite often. We do not know exactly when soon means, but we are closer than ever before.

There are five, yes, five different possibilities of oral medications in trials at this time. The first two approved will probably be cladrbrine and fingolimad. Familiar names — coming soon to a pharmacist near you.

Many of us with MS have been waiting for these two oral medications to reach the market. When it happens, I hope there are plenty of pills and that they make a difference in our lives!


Anonymous said...

I, too, can't wait for the oral medication to come out. What happend to it this fall? I have been told by a pharmacist that they had expected to be able to dispense pills for MS by Deceember. Which has come and gone, alas. Fingers crossed.

Vicki said...

I don't know what happened, but I think I even heard that before. I think I also remember something like that for Betaseron.

I think you have the best idea with those crossed fingers!

Anonymous said...

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Herrad said...

Hi Vicki,
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Best wishes for this New Year.

Kim said...

I've been on Fingolimod for over 2 years on a clinical trial and I'm excited that in 2011 you will all be able to enjoy what I have been experiencing! This little pill has virtually no side effects! It's lovely.