Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Caring Game

Caregivers. You know one, or you are one, or you have one. What do they mean to us? provides guidance and gives advice especially for people caring for their elderly or ailing parents. Missy has started a game she calls "The ABC's of care giving." It's easy. Here are her rules:
I will start out with the letter "A" and choose a word that describes something that I associate with care giving. The next person who posts will choose a word starting with "B", the next "C", and so on. There are very few rules in this game. Just do your very best to stay away from anything obscene or offensive. Other than that, go nuts! It can be happy, sad, funny, honest, thoughtful, kind, snarky...whatever. This is our game!
So far there are five entries -
  • A - Aging
  • B - Brushing Teeth
  • C - Crisis Avoidance
  • D - Disability
  • E - Energizing
Read the explanations and stories that go with these alphabetic care giving words. Vote if you find a story helpful. Then pick a word or phrase for the next letter and add a thought of your own. Check it out.

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Mandy Crest said...

This is my first visit to your blog -- I followed you here through BlogHer.

Just wanted to tip you off a wonderful caregiver/spouse. That's my husband Jake. I'm probably the luckiest woman, even with the MS.

We both blog over at

Hope you can stop by and say hello sometime!