Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Caffeine = Good?

Have you seen this?

Here is a new study that says caffeine may not be so bad after all. It has been shown to block the development of MS. Well, not exactly, but it did block EAE which is the animal version of MS. Okay, okay, it was a study in mice, not people, but it is a step in the right direction.

This is the first study that I have seen that says anything good about caffeine, so I think it is promising. They say more studying is needed before they tell us to increase our caffeine intake.

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Jim said...

I drink coffee everyday. :)

Anonymous said...

I have m.s. and always drank 8 diet cokes a day for forever. I had no problems with my m.s. the last 18 years. This last yr I cut my diet coke to 1 a day and my m.s. has progressed. hmmmmm..... I think I will start drinking diet coke again! Non stop!

Andrew said...

FYI: DIET SODA IS INCREDIBLY NEUROTOXIC. Aspartame is PROVEN to kill brain cells especially in those kind of quantities. Caffeine also wasn't proven to help MS, it was a genetically engineered version of an Autoimmune disease similar to MS, IN RATS to use for lab tests. Although it shows it might help. Coffee is the best low cal/ no carb way to ingest it besides in pill form. (Even with milk and sugar!)
Quote from Principal Author of the study:
"When the report first came out, people called and asked me if they should drink more coffee," Bynoe says. "But that is really missing the point. It remains to be seen if caffeine is protective in humans."