Monday, November 16, 2009

Research Studies

Want to volunteer for a medical research study?

UT Soutwestern sent a press release about ResearchMatch where volunteers can be matched — online — to a scientific research project, or clinical trial, for which they might qualify. The National Institute of Health gave UT Southwestern a grant to help quickly move laboratory discoveries into actual therapies.

This new allows the medical community "to cast a wider net into a deeper pool of potential subjects.” Both healthy people and those with illnesses and conditions can take advantage of this opportunity!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

MS and Evils

One of my favorite online friends Michael B. Gerber doesn't write in his blog about MS, he writes about life. His happens to be a life with MS, so MS sneaks in there now and again. You may notice his blog "Perspective Is Everything" in my "Favorite MSer Sites" list.

Last week Michael sent me a story about medication and side effects. He asked if I had something to add, but it was good, as his writing is. I did, however, manage to throw in a word or two and make a change here or there. Read our post here: The Lesser of Two Evils

His is a blog certainly worth reading. While you're there, look around. Enjoy.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Pain and MS, Yes, It Hurts

I wrote a series of articles for Health Central on Pain and MS, covering the types of pain and treatments. These are general, just to give you an idea. I am sure there are some pains as well as some treatments that have been left out. Please let me know! The best idea is to talk with your doctor about any pain and how to treat it. Here is the article series —

Pain and MS

Pain and MS: Neuropathic Pain