Saturday, August 01, 2009

I Am So Lucky

Merely Me asks a question of the week on her MS site located on Health Central. This week the question is What are you grateful for today? She always gets interesting answers, each totally different than the one before. This is worth reading. Here is my answer to this week's question:

This is a great question because it makes us think beyond our usual inconveniences and pain. What a good topic for those of us who live every day with a chronic condition; actually gratitude is a good thinking mode for all of us.

At one time (when I was a viewer), Oprah suggested everyone keep a gratitude journal. We were to list three things we are grateful for every day. Many of my items were repeats day after day.

There are only so many big things, and then circumstances took away the one about the US not involved in active war, so there are fewer big things. Then I started thinking of small things. I am still thankful for big things like health, family and friends, but now I find pleasure in successfully completing a tasty dinner.

Each day when I smile or laugh for any reason, I am grateful. When I hear my son (either or both) is happy, or talk with a giggling grandchild, I am grateful. When my foot is in the right position, I am grateful. There are so many things, some relating to my MS and some not; there are tiny miracles throughout the day and I know I am lucky.

I feel grateful that I am so lucky.